Family Family Series: Beethoven Lives Upstairs

The world famous production of Beethoven Lives Upstairs performed by the Reno Philharmonic features a lively exchange of letters between young Christoph and his uncle. Their subject is the “madman” who has moved into the upstairs apartment of Christoph’s Vienna home. Through a touching correspondence dramatically underscored with the composer’s most beautiful excerpts, Christoph comes to understand the genius of Beethoven, the beauty of his music, and the torment of his deafness.

Event Details

Phone: 322.1538
Admission: Free

Wingfield Park
300 W. First St.
Reno, NV 89503

Event Schedule

July 24 5pm - 8pm


Presented by Artown and The Reno Philharmonic, Sponsored by: Carol Franc Buck Foundation, KTVN Channel 2 News, Nevada's Big Give Donors, Thelma B. and Thomas P. Hart Foundation, Sierra Arts Foundation, Chris and Parky May / Bergdahl Assocites and Pinot's Palette Reno West

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